Peter Lane, IQVIA


Peter Lane has over 35 years experience in healthcare, supply chain, process improvement and organisational change. He is currently the lead of the Healthcare business in IQVIA (formerly IMS Health & Quintiles).

MSc qualified, Peter is a dynamic and innovative leader with extensive experience in the public and private sectors. Peter has a proven ability in strategic planning and collaboration while looking for continuous improvement and effective transformation through strong interpersonal skills.

Peter has worked in Healthcare technology for over 13 years and is known for developing long term successful relationships.  He enjoys working with clients to identify how their challenges can be addressed through innovative use of technology & organisational change.

What you will bring to the Health & Social Care Council and the techUK Health & Social Care work programme

Peter Lane is delighted to be the techUK Council’ nomination for IQVIA.  Peter is intent on looking to collaborate with other interested parties in further developing the information and technology industry operating in the health and social care sector to benefit patients.

Peter seeks to not only represent IQVIA in the health and social care sector, but also look to share IQVIA’s broader experiences in the search for innovation and best practice from other industries and sectors.

Peter is looking forward to harnessing his experience with working with both a wide variety of health and social care organisations as well as a spectrum of other commercial organisations, both SMEs and other corporations, to seek to improve the delivery of healthcare.

If successful then Peter will look to continue to advocate technology suppliers and capabilities while on the Council.