Alan Sumner, Roche Diagnostics UK 


With over 30 years’ experience gained in healthcare, working within both the pharmaceuticals and diagnostics industries, I have a sound understanding of the healthcare environment. I graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1983 and have held a number of Senior positions, including Head of Public Affairs and Patient Advocacy at Boehringer Ingelheim, as well as two spells as Director of Communication.

I am passionate about companies communicating well with patients and developing a better understanding about what their needs are now, and in the future.

What you will bring to the Health & Social Care Council and the techUK Health & Social Care programme:

I can bring a useful combination of a deep knowledge of the health care landscape with the backing of Roche who have operated in the UK for over 100 years. Roche have a significant reach into many aspects of UK health systems. With over £460m invested in UK R&D each year, and over 777,000 patients treated each year, and 450 million diagnostic tests carried out each year, Roche are a valued partner to many healthcare providers.

Personally, I bring passion, sound judgement about what is right for patients, and understanding of how important the media and social media can be in communication – and a sense of humour!