Wendy Marshall, Cerner Ltd 


My passion for healthcare began when I qualified as a registered nurse and then worked as a ward manager at my local NHS Trust. From here I embraced a variety of clinical roles, always striving to improve the quality of care delivery and applying my knowledge and skills to improve the patient experience across health and social care. I have worked either for or in partnership with the NHS and health care services for almost 30 years.

Now, as the Director for new business across the UK my responsibilities include: building and maintaining strategic partnerships with our clients and industry partners, analysing the market for changes in health care delivery within the UK, and therefore helping identify new ways of working for clinicians across the NHS – both in using IT and innovation, as well as workflow standardisation, and workforce upskilling.

I am particularly passionate about ensuring client interactions are not focused solely on implementing technology, but on understanding the value of changing models of care through workflow adoption and aligning customer goals to patient and care provider experience, value and clinical benefits.

What you will bring to the Health & Social Care Council and the Health & Social Care Programme: 

I am enthused about the current techUK health and social care programme, and the opportunities to get more closely involved in market commentary and influencing health policy through techUK’s industry relations. I would relish the opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to the council, drawing on my varied experience across the health and care sector at both a local and national level. 

I am passionate about developing and implementing new models of care to truly transform the individual patient as well as the health and care professional experience, empowering the person to be recognised as being part of their own care team. I have been an active participant in many techUK events and briefing sessions through Cerner’s company membership.

I believe I will bring a rounded view to the council through extensive experience working with a broad range of clients including NHS acute trusts, commissioners and third sector providers, and across a variety of disciplines including large-scale software implementations, both here in the UK and across Europe.  This has provided me the knowledge and insight of what other countries are encountering and how they are looking to rectify the challenges that healthcare around the world is facing.

In my role at Cerner, I am one of the founding members of a networking group supporting and empowering women in technology and we have a thriving community of men and women driven to ensure gender equality in the workplace.