Martin Taylor, Redwood Technologies


I believe that technology is the only way to resolve the fundamental challenges posed by our ageing population and resource constraints. I promote this viewpoint as a member of NHS England’s Digital Urgent & Emergency Care Board (DUEC Board). As a British technologist, I furthermore believe that health tech developed in this country for our NHS should become the developed world’s go-to solutions.

Redwood’s healthcare practice provides communications integration services to NHS organisations ranging from national, through regions, hospital trusts, mental health trusts, individual CCGs and primary care providers.

Redwood’s storm platform processes all 111 calls for several areas of England. Our London Patient Relationship Manager, which references 111 calls against health and care information systems, has won several awards including UKIT Best Use of Cloud.

What you will bring to the Health & Social Care Council and the techUK Health & Social Care programme:


I see myself as a bridge between the fields of healthcare and technology. I first started developing my ideas for combining communications technology with healthcare information whilst an undergraduate at King’s College London in the 1990s, prior to co-founding Redwood. With the launch of Redwood’s storm platform in 2008, I was able to build a dedicated healthcare team of technologists and clinicians. Their mix of knowledge and viewpoints has been crucial to our success (the company more than doubling in size over the past three years) and I would aim to bring the same diverse thinking to my work on this Council.

Part of the challenge in applying technology to healthcare in Britain has always been influencing policymakers. I have been able to achieve this on a number of occasions (e.g. government targets for procurement from SMEs), and I work across platforms including the CBI (where I am an elected Councillor). This has led to breakthroughs in areas such as allowing automated self-triage. I also speak regularly at healthcare and technology conferences, here and abroad, and am a regular university guest lecturer.

If elected I will bring fresh and original thinking, and an energetic approach, to furthering technology in healthcare.